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Logotec App Studio is a no-code platform to create advanced business applications for practically all operating systems (Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS) and devices 
… tens of times faster than using traditional methods
… completely without programming
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What is Logotec App Studio?

  • Solutions are created completely without programming (coding)
  • A solution is defined once (not for each operating system separately)
  • After a solution is defined, the cloud-service automatically generates native applications for all devices (computers, tablets and phones) working under Windows 10, Android, iOS and macOS (these are not “browser” solutions)
  • The time needed to create solutions (compared to traditional methods) is reduced from months to days
  • No programming knowledge is required. It can be used not only by programmers, but also by IT consultants or “power users”
  • It can be used to create
  • It can be used:
    • both for creating dedicated “tailor-made” solutions,
    • as well as to create systems sold repeatedly (they are then distinguished by easy and quick configurability and that they work on all popular operating systems and devices)
  • The solutions created work online and offline and are “inherently” multilingual
  • Logotec App Studio is offered as a cloud service

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Logotec Group helped us overcome a key barrier which was creating an application prototype. Two business acceleration programs got interested in our application, but in the end, unfortunately, we were unable to obtain funding for its development. Thanks to Logotec Group, with a ready-to-use prototype and market tests we can look for an investor, which significantly strengthens our starting position. Participation in the Logotec campaign was a bull's-eye for us because it has significantly accelerated the development of our start-up, where, by combining many years of experience of business advisors and application development skills, we will support our clients with such solutions.

What is Logotec App Studio good at?

Logotec App Studio empowers businesses to quickly turn ideas into applications. It makes them more efficient, informed, and productive. By using Logotec App Studio, anyone — regardless of technical background — can quickly create business apps they can use and share with others. Find out why Logotec App Studio is a free and open solution and ask about DEMO.

Build complex apps without coding
Build complex apps without coding

Experience the power of Logotec App Studio and create business applications based on your own data model, business processes and logic. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Radically shorten time to market
Radically shorten time to market

No matter big or small, the best way to test your ideas is to get them to market as quick as possible. With Logotec App Studio, you build complex apps up to 10 times faster.

Empower your citizen developer workforce
Empower your citizen developer workforce

We’re all Citizen Developers now. With the rise of Automation World, it’s never been easier for business end-users to create their own IT solutions. And Logotec App Studio is here to accommodate that!

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Tell us what solution you want to build and we will tell you how best to use our software for this.


We offer onboarding and full support in the process of building and developing your app.


Our apps are based on the Data First strategy.


Upon request, we make our own servers available for you.

Advantages of Logotec App Studio in comparison with traditional programming

After defining the solution, Logotec App Studio automatically generates native apps for all devices (computers, tablets, and mobiles) with Android, iOS, Windows 10, and macOS. With Logotec App Studio, your efficiency will increase several times.

Prototype development time
Application development time
Cost of creating solutions
Level of investment risk

Benefits of using Logotec App Studio are visible right away. The time needed for creating a prototype shortens from weeks to hours. The amount of time necessary for building ready-to-use apps decreases from months to days. There is no need to hire a team of experts, so the labor cost is significantly lower. All of that means that the investment risk is relatively low due to prototypes being generated ad-hoc..

Traditional methods and Logotec App Studio

How can you benefit from Logotec App Studio?

Recognizing needs
Recognizing needs

Book a call with our expert

Use this form to tell us what app you want to build. We will help you create a plan and set the timeframe for each stage.


Let us assist you in the onboarding process

We will show you that developing apps has never been easier.


Build with us your first app prototype

You can build a prototype already during the first training session.


Make your app available for others

Your application will be instantly available for all devices with Android, iOS, and Windows 10.


Develop your application freely

You can easily develop and improve your app on your own.

More apps
More apps

Use your experience to build more applications

Thanks to the flexibility of Logotec App Studio, you can build more apps.

Our client apps

With Logotec App Studio, our customers build their own solution, which they can
publish in Microsoft Store, App Store for iOS or macOS and Google Play.

Traditional approach Logotec App Studio
Implementation team A team of professionals One person
Required competencies Extensive programming experience
(Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS)
Programming skills not required
(e.g. business analyst)
Development time (prototype) 2-3 months 2-5 days
Cost (prototype) >> 200 man-days 2-5 man-days
Development time (final solution
(Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS)
A few months A few days
Cost (final solution)
(Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS)
>> 1000 man-days A few man-days/man-weeks
Modification Difficult
Designed for easy modifications
Investment risk Very high
(among others because of the cost of the prototype)
(prototypes generated ad-hoc)

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