Logotec App Studio

Logotec App Studio is an IT platform which allows you to create advanced business solutions without the need of programming. The application – once defined with Logotec App Studio – runs (automatically – without the need to complement them) on computers, tablets and smartphones, and on all popular operating systems: Windows 10, Android, iOS and macOS.

The solution allows creating multi-layered business applications.

Logotec App Studio is not used to create “browser” applications – the “client” is always a local application which works on the user’s device (computer, tablet or smartphone) – its installation is automatic and takes about fifty seconds.

The server part runs on Microsoft servers or on Linux.

Both “client” and server applications are created fully automatically.


The “client” part is a native, compiled application (created in C#)

The server part is a .NET Core technology

In most cases, application development time is reduced by two orders of magnitude compared to traditional methods, from months to hours. Creating a prototype usually takes a few hours to 2-3 days. Creating an advanced application from several days to several weeks.

No, programming skills are not required to create applications, and yet the created applications are built using the latest technologies. However, elementary knowledge of databases and the ability to create your own database is necessary.

No, you do not need any additional tools or know how to use them.

The compilation process takes place in the cloud and is fully automatic.

Yes, Logotec App Studio allows to manage changes on two levels.

First of all, when creating an application, there are always two “layers”:

  • test layer
  • production layer

It is, for example, very useful in a situation when the application we have created is already used by users, and we want to make some changes, additions or corrections, which usually require several tests. Each test would disrupt users’ work (after publishing the changes – which is necessary for testing – it is automatically updated on every device).

To avoid such problems, any changes and complements in the app should be implemented and tested in the test layer – only after testing the application, it should be published in the “production” layer.

In addition, each “publication” of the application in the production layer saves a copy of its current definition. As a result, we can always restore any earlier version.

Logotec App Studio is based on the “data first” concept – we assume that if someone is unable to create a database, their chances of creating a meaningful application are minimal.

For this reason, in order to create an application using Logotec App Studio it is required to create a database in the first place.

Logotec App Studio theoretically supports any data sources, but the following databases are publicly available:

  • MS SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MariaDB

In the Logotec App Studio platform there are available sample databases (based on Microsoft Nortwind sample database) which operate on all mentioned-above platforms.

The database can be located on any server – the only condition is that it must be available via the Internet when creating the application.

So, for example, it may be located in the cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud), in a private cloud, or in a local server room (with an access via the Internet).


The database must be accessible via the Internet only at the stage of its creation. After creating the application – if we want our application run only in the local network (without access via the Internet) – we can block access via the Internet.

Logotec App Studio is addressed to all people interested in creating applications in a very fast and the cheapest way.

Because the platform requires:

        elementary knowledge of databases,

        ability to create databases,

        knowledge of the problem that the application should solve…

…it is most useful e.g. for the following groups of people:

        business analysts

        IT solutions designers

        programmers who create applications for one operating system and want to create applications running on many operating systems and devices

        programmers who want quickly create a ready-to-use solution or a prototype

        “power users” (e.g. people who used MS Access or similar tools – so-called “citizen developers”)

One of many applications of Logotec App Studio is the possibility of prototyping – creating ad-hoc prototypes of applications in a dramatically short time, without incurring high costs.

After completing a short training and learning how to use the platform, it usually takes a few hours to 2-3 days to create a prototype. Creating an advanced application takes from several days to several weeks.

For example, a solution based on the sample Microsoft Northwind database was created using Logotec App Studio in about 2.5 hours and works on all operating systems and devices. The time needed to create the application only on one operating system using traditional methods by a programmer with good experience would be no less than about a few months.

Another example is a fully functional solution based on the sample, advanced Microsoft database – Adventure Works – which was created within 5 days. Creating this solution using traditional methods would take no less than a year of work of a very experienced programmer.

Logotec App Studio is offered as a cloud service – it works in a multi-tenant mode, i.e. a new client can start working immediately.

It is offered as a subscription – it is offered for free for the first 3 months (three-month trial).

More information on the licensing model can be found here:  price page

Yes, the solution is multilingual. Currently, it works in Polish, English and German, and will soon also work in Chinese (Mandarin).

Yes, if we want to create an application in several languages, there is no need to create several versions of the application – just after creating the app in one language, we add alternative texts (e.g. field headers on forms) for other languages.

Always when we care about:

  • creating a business solution in a very short time
  • low cost
  • especially if it is to work on different operating systems and/or devices

Of course – we offer both training (also online) and workshops to help in creating applications or solving specific problems. If you are interested, please contact us.

Yes of course. Contact us and we will arrange an online or personal presentation.

Applications created with Logotec App Studio

Of course, you can not only create prototypes, but also ready-made applications. Logotec App Studio is used to create various types of applications: from simple “apps” to advanced CRM systems, document management systems or ERP systems for small and medium enterprises.

The applications work online and if the connection lost, they automatically turn an offline mode. This is possible thanks to the usage of a local database. Once connection is restored, a data synchronization is possible.

Each application created with Logotec App Studio automatically works on all popular operating systems (Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS) and devices (computers, smartphones, tablets).

Yes, every application created with Logotec App Studio automatically works on all popular operating systems (Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS) and devices (computers, smartphones, tablets).

Yes, all solutions created with the help of Logotec App Studio are cloud solutions, which perfectly fits into the latest trends and gives completely new market opportunities.


There is also no problem in creating applications operating only in the local network – the created application automatically works in both modes (it is only a matter of configuration)

All changes in the application can be made in a very simple and fast way.

After “publishing” changes in the application (the process of making changes available), the application is automatically updated on all users’ devices during using the app – there is no need to recompile, install or “upload” the app to the manufacturer stores of a given operating system (Microsoft Store, Google Play, App Store for iOS or macOS).

Recompilation of the application (automatically carried out by the platform) is recommended only from time to time – when, for example, we want to use new functions of the platform or its current update.

No, every application created using Logotec App Studio is from the beginning, “on the move”, mature in terms of technology, optimized in terms of speed of action, and also mature in the sense of any programming errors.

In contrary to creating the solution with a traditional programming approach, the solution after it is created, requires many months of the tedious stage of errors correction and a solution maturation which does not happen in case of applications created with Logotec App Studio.

By “prototype”, we mean:

  • usually a limited functional scope (usually, from the user’s point of view, the prototype does not contain all necessary functions)
  • usually a little “raw” user interface (the user interface is “smoothed” after the prototype is accepted)

not a technological maturity, which is 100% off the beat.

The so-called “application generators” (which include Logotec App Studio) are divided into two main groups:

  1. low code (sometimes also referred to as “less code”)
  2. no-code

The first group (“low code”) usually generates code fragments that, in the next step, must be supplemented, integrated, reviewed and optimized.

The second group (“no-code”) completely “cuts off” the user from the generated code – the application created is optimized and it is fully ready for installation and use.

The advantages of the second group (“no-code”) are rather obvious:

  •  the process of creating a ready-to-use application is much faster and cheaper
  • no programming skills are required
  •  no additional tools (compilers, etc.) for individual platforms are needed

The disadvantage is that usually the scope of created applications is narrower than the range of applications created with the “low-code” application generators.

Logotec App Studio is a tool from the “no-code” group, but it lies between the two:

  •  we create applications as in the “no-code” tools
  • but the range of applications that can be created (we emphasize business solutions) is much wider than the range of possible applications created using typical “no-code” solutions


Answering the question: no, by default the source code is not available and we are convinced that there is no such need. In justified cases please contact us.

Generally, the system does not contain functionality ready for integration with other systems, except:

  • integration with e-mail systems (all systems in typical standards),
  • DotPay online payment system,
  • Shoplo online store website,
  • SMS API,
  • calendars / schedules – we anticipate it in the near future.

If we decide that certain integrations are often used, we will implement them in the platform. However, of course, an integration is always possible on your own via the database.

We would like to point out that despite the fact that by default Logotec App Studio allows you to create applications based on relational databases, in fact the source can be any data you would like to choose (e.g. API of any system, such as MS Dynamics). In case of such needs, please contact us.

Dedicated applications for your business

We have a tool – Logotec App Studio – thanks to which you can create applications incomparably faster and cheaper than when using traditional programming methods.

After determining the client’s needs, we create a fully functional prototype of the solution within a few days.

No – as a standard, every application created works automatically on all popular operating systems (Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS) and devices (computers, phones, tablets).

Absolutely not. Since the creation of a functional prototype takes days, not months, the investment risk is minimal – all the more so that the extensions of the app with new functionalities and changes are quick and simple.

We specialize in creating applications based on the ideas of our clients (we do not invent these solutions for our clients, but of course, we help /advise /suggest when such ideas arise).

The solutions created by us are usually used by entire companies, not only by individual departments.

We create both simple applications and small ERP systems – of course also CRM systems.