In 2020, for the first time in history, more than a half of the world’s population… have an Internet access ( It seems to us that our entire world is already computerized but in fact, a real knowledge explosion is yet to come. Are we able today to use the knowledge and skills of all outstanding people of this world? The Internet gives us tremendous hope that we will be able to solve not only our everyday problems, but also the problems of environmental protection and the fight against poverty.

“Think locally, act globally” is a well-known slogan assuming that the best solutions must be verified by the local community, workplace, and a local market before presenting it to the rest of the world. But just like with the Internet access, are we surely able to create and implement our visions – to make life better?

I have always thought that writing lines of code to create an application is not an optimal solution. Just that you are not a programmer, and you already have a great difficulty in implementing your ideas. Suddenly, it turns out that you have to find a “translator” who explains to programmers what you would like to do because you can’t speak the “same language”. And even if you’re a programmer, expenses on creating new solutions (especially when taking under consideration their ever-increasing complexity) are unacceptable.

That is why at the beginning of the 21st century we have created a solution that enables creation of applications for mobile devices (Pocket PC) completely without programming – we called it Mobile@Connector. For the solution, we obtained a number of international awards, including the one from Bill Gates for the best tool for creating mobile applications (“Best Development Tool for Pocket PC”) (source: “Microsoft Mobile Developer Conference”, New Orleans, March 2003)

Gradually, we managed to find a group of partners in several countries on four continents and then there was a crash – in 2010, Microsoft have stopped the development of Pocket PC – we have lost everything, among others, from 10 small companies in 6 countries of the world now, there are 2 small companies in Poland.

Once again, other programmers thwarted our plans. At the beginning, we had to focus on finances to slowly rebuild what we have lost.

Now, in a completely new technology, we have already recreated our old, but immortal idea. We have created a product that allows you to create your own applications and IT solutions that automate your work based on provided data. Today, you don’t have to be an experienced programmer to create applications for Windows 10, macOS, Android or iOS – all you have to do is download our application and integrate with the database.

Thus, we are authors of one of the most technologically advanced NO-CODE applications in the world and one of the few of such solutions in Europe.

We address our solution primarily to business analysts and project managers – people who know the needs of their clients perfectly but currently, they need a group of programmers to meet the clients’ needs. Using our solution, they can independently create such applications several dozen times faster than a programmer would do – in addition, complete without programming.

We also address it to young programmers who would like to produce cross-platform applications operating in various environments.

At the same time, our solution can be used by very experienced programmers who are aware that by using the NO-CODE application they can fast-track their work.

And of course, our solution is also ideal for so-called “power users” – IT enthusiasts who can quickly build their own applications. Finally, from our solution can benefit anyone who wants to automate their work.

“I am convinced that NO-CODE applications are the future of programming, until the whole world is automated, Logotec App Studio will be needed.”


Jerzy Dryndos

Founder of the Logotec Group